Posted by Dee Lescault on Jul 22, 2018 under

When we look at the instructions on shampoo bottles, it always says “lather rinse repeat”. Ever wondered why? Is it to sell more shampoo? No, it isn’t. Think about your hair and especially your scalp. Your scalp secretes more oil and sweat than your face or any other part of your body. All impurities in the atmosphere around you end up trapped in your hair. In order to get the full benefit of your shampoo, you must get the dirt, sweat and oil out of the way before the moisture or protein can do the work they were intended for in the second shampoo.

I have a client, who’s hair I bleach, insists that her moisturizing shampoo dries her hair out. This Southern Californian, who loves to surf, thinks it’s the shampoo drying her hair out. Not the sun or salt water or the dry atmosphere or the oil that she lets accumulate on her scalp and hair. Please.

We secrete oil to keep us waterproof. That is all it is for. It does not moisturize your hair at all. Oil, if left on, will dry the hair out because oil is blocking the moisture from entering the hair. That’s why the moisturizing shampoo you are using is drying your hair out. If you shampoo once, you are leaving your hair clean without the benefit of the moisturizer that the shampoo provides. Once the hair is free of the impurities which have accumulated throughout the day and night, the lather actually acts as a driver for the moisturizer which works by extracting moisture from the air. That’s why the second shampoo is so important. If oil, natural or otherwise, is in the way, the hair will dry out no matter what the weather condition is where you are.

So, shampoo, rinse, REPEAT.